Lincoln Public Schools will be celebrating the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. This event is unique, only occurring once every 500 years in the Midwest, and we want to help make this something your student will remember forever. To help you understand this event, here are some basic Q&As and information.

Questions and Answers

What’s happening on August 21, 2017 – and why is it special?

A total solar eclipse. The moon will completely block the sun in Lincoln for up to almost two minutes in the middle of the day. The moon falls between the Earth and the sun once every month, however, usually the shadow appears above or below the earth. When an eclipse shadow does occur on earth, it typically falls on the ocean. A total eclipse has not been viewed in Lincoln for 500 years (before there was a Lincoln, or even a Nebraska) – and it will be 500 years until it returns.

What happens during a total solar eclipse?

During midday it will get dark as if it is dusk, but because it happens so fast it will feel much darker and we will notice things we experience at night: Crickets chirp, birds roost, temperatures drop and the brightest stars are visible. But the most amazing sight happens in the sky: We will be able to view the sun’s corona, which will appear as a wispy shape around the moon.

How are we going to safely view the eclipse?

Our primary goal in LPS is keeping our students and staff safe. Students and staff will wear special, medically-approved solar eclipse glasses to protect their eyes – and will receive full direction in how to use them for safe viewing. The Science Curriculum Department has been working with LPS and community experts to build awareness and safety.

Who gets to participate?

Assuming weather is clear and calm on eclipse day, all LPS staff and students in grades 1-12 – who have not opted for indoors – will participate directly. Our youngest children will have a virtual experience, but will still get the same cool eclipse glasses as everyone else.

How can families learn more about our event?

Ask your student’s principal, or continue exploring this page.

What if I want my child to stay inside and have a virtual experience?

Fill out the form and return it to your child’s school during first week of school.

Elementary Training Video

Secondary Training Video