Great Plains Summit: July 16th to 17th, 2020
2022 Great Plains Summit

From Zero to Artist using Google Draw

Session Description

This session will look at how we can leverage Google Draw into student creation and teacher engagement. Learn how to create your own vector drawings that spice up your slides, docs and life! If you have no artistic talent this session will make your drawing ability from zero to hero status. We will explore how to create your own drawings, Google Classroom banners, Business cards, interactive worksheets and so much more!

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Session Schedule

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Session Presenter

George Barcenas
Professional Development Trainer

George Barcenas a Professional Development Trainer for Viewsonic. A Certified Google Trainer, Educator, Innovator and Apple Certified Teacher. Trained as a PE teacher he has taught High School English, Spanish and coached Basketball from Middle School all the way to College. Technology has always been in his teaching from creating commercials in Spanish class to work on vocabulary, to creating a production of Romeo and Juliet with zombies... . In his current role he works with teachers to find the right tool to help students. His passion for teaching has found a place with Google apps for education and pushing the boundaries of being geeky.