Great Plains Summit: July 16th to 17th, 2020
2022 Great Plains Summit

New Chromebook features demo! Screencast app, cast moderator and more!

Session Description

Join Googlers Tom Chapman, Britton Picciolini & Elise Hawkins who will show off all the new features of ChromeOS just recently announced (Screencast app, cast moderator+) as well as show you some things you may not have known your Chromebook can do!

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Session Schedule

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Session Presenters

Britton Picciolini
Regional Manager - Chicago

Britton Picciolini (peach - o - leenee) is obsessed with all things digital. From coding BASIC in 6th grade to her Nest Thermostat today, nothing is ever too wired. Working at Google for 20 years, she’s completely at home surrounded by the whirring noise of technology’s evolving pace. ?Britton has held prior positions at Google in the advertising business, working with large customers like Target, Best Buy and JC Penney. After being personally moved by volunteer teaching with Chicago Public Schools, ??6 years ago she did a career 180 and now works with?? large? K-12 school? districts in their? use of Google tools to transform the classroom?.? She is on the Executive Board Spark Chicago, a non-profit helping middle school students discover who they can become today and in the future. Britton is married with two adult sons, enjoying her empty nest.

Elise Hawkins
Solutions Engineer

Elise Hawkins is a Google Solutions Engineer who started out as a 4th grade teacher. After experiencing the immense benefits that using Google tools had on her students’ engagement and achievement, Elise worked in several district level roles in K-12, all centered around enhancing teaching and learning with technology. At Google, Elise focuses on supporting districts in the central US in their Google journey.

Tom Chapman
Solutions Engineer

Tom Chapman is a Google Solutions Engineer who started out as a Systems Administrator for a large school district on the east coast. Tom’s school district was an early adopter of Google Workspace and Chromebooks, quickly facilitating a 1:1 learning experience. After 14 years in various roles, Tom has ended up working for Google for Education, specializing in creating technological solutions for large K12 school districts from Chicago down to Texas.