Change (funds) for Change (action) impacts students at Schoo and in Ecuador

The Project Peace Club at Schoo Middle School had a Change for Change campaign to raise money to donate toward providing access to clean water and sanitation in Ecuador.

It is part of our school's Me to We initiative the school has done the past three years that challenges young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion and then empowers them with the tools to take action.

"It feels good to know we are a part of a bigger movement than any one of us could accomplish alone. To us it may be a little change, but for families in Ecuador, it means the world." Taylor Cumblidge

"Change for Change impacted me because it made me and others feel that we helped out not just in our community, but around the world." Evelyn Vesely

"The Change for Change campaign impacted me by making me realize how far only a few dollars can go. I'm amazed at the effort all the students put in to make such a big difference in the world." Cassidy Patterson

"I am so proud knowing Project Peace raised $1250. When I saw my friend bring in $50, I was astonished and knew we were going to make a big change in someone's life." Lily Whitmore

Published: December 19, 2016, Updated: December 21, 2016