Nutrition Services announces launch of NutriSlice

The Nutrition Services Department has implemented NutriSlice – a new interactive web-based program that you can access on the LPS website and view on your desktop and/or download as an app to your smartphone.  

From the NutriSlice front page, simply click on the down arrow and select the appropriate school level or program, then choose what type of menu you would like to see – breakfast, lunch, or snack.  

By hovering over the menu option you can view a picture of the food item with a brief description along with nutrition facts and common allergens.  Menus may be printed by selecting the print menu icon at the top of the menu screen.  

The program also allows those with special diets to filter the menu items by clicking on the special diet button to show those foods that meet their specific dietary needs while crossing out the items that could potentially cause a problem.  

Additionally, for those students who need to track carbohydrate counts, a button is available that when clicked on will add the carb count to each item on the menu.  

Menu Items can also be translated into Spanish by clicking on the select language icon.

Published: December 21, 2016, Updated: December 21, 2016