Building a love of community through the library at Lux Middle School

Kay Paulsen, School Librarian, Lux Middle School

Community means many things in the Lux Library Media Center.  

The Lux Middle School community has embraced the One Book One Lux program.  All Lux stakeholders, students, staff, and families, have an opportunity to read and react to books dealing with various social issues.  It is the involvement of everyone in our school community that makes this program so powerful.

Collaboration with librarians from Lincoln Public Libraries gave us the opportunity for another partnership by bringing the Frankentoys project to our school.  

Frankentoys challenges students to think outside the box by deconstructing toys and re-engineering the parts into a whole new toy. Librarians from Walt Branch, parents and former students were involved in this after school project, helping students deconstruct their toys as well as sew their new ones.  

Once students got over their apprehension of taking apart a toy, their creativity ran wild. An added bonus of this program was that although students were working individually, they also worked collaboratively to help each other with the planning, cutting, sewing, and gluing of their toys.

Wanting to increase technology opportunities for our students we expanded our community to include the UNL Extension program. After school, during the Lux Tech Week, the Extension team helped our students make paper circuit pop-up cards.  The room was truly filled with electricity as students figured out how to use paper, copper tape, a battery, and an LED light to create a unique card.

By expanding the definition of community, the Lux Library Media Center continues to give our students multiple opportunities to explore and grow.

Published: December 29, 2016, Updated: December 29, 2016