Teachers never stop learning, and librarians lead the ongoing effort

Pam Cassel and Joy Harvey are school librarians at Adams Elementary School

At Adams Elementary School the librarians share mini professional development presentations at monthly staff meetings. At times, we also share information with teachers during their team meetings on planning days and additionally, provide individual tutorials for teachers.  We also get called upon “at the point of need” – to give tips and bits of instruction in the hall before class, over lunch, or to answer an e-mail question in the evening or on the weekend! 

  One time a teacher, in another building where I worked, tracked me down in the bathroom and knocked on the door saying that she needed my help with technology or equipment right away, before her class arrived – HA!

Sampling of the topics of the staff meeting and team meeting sessions:

  • Navigation of specific databases
  • Sharing new resources that have curricular ties, such as Lightbox Books
  • Tips on care, troubleshooting, and maintenance of equipment
  • How to create citations and bibliographies using Noodletools
  • How to create JumpCodes to quickly direct students to a specific online site
  • How to find, open, and use e-books from our school library sites
  • Where to find and how to download digital videos to support curriculum

At Adams, as well as in many other schools, the librarian is also the tech leader and they may be trained by district office leaders to be a trainer in their building for various initiatives. Some of these include:

  • Use of Synergy, student information management system
  • Implementation plan for1:1 devices in the 3rd – 5th grade classrooms
  • Introduction of new educational applications that are available to LPS teachers such as Zoom
  • Use of green screen in photos and in video production to support student learning
  • How to prepare for data transfer from an old laptop to a new one
  • The Portal – what it is, why is was developed, how it will be useful
  • GoogleClassroom - setting up classes & sharing classes with other teachers
  • How to use GoogleDocs, Google Forms & Google Slides in planning and teaching
  • An introduction to Hapara, to lead teachers to take the staff development class offered by LPSDO for more information
  • Coordinating a “share and tell” session in which teachers share their favorite iPad apps and tell how they are used to enhance teaching & learning
  • Instructing staff on the app selections process for LPS and implementing this process at the building level
  • Training teachers on the use the ConnectEd portion of the McGraw-Hill reading curriculum

Published: December 29, 2016, Updated: December 29, 2016