East librarians find inspiration for new ideas

Jane Holt, School Librarian, Lincoln East High School

Some of our most well-received promotions at East have their roots somewhere else.  For instance, a prom dress made out of old book pages was Media Tech Helen Cooper’s rendition of something she’d seen on Pinterest. 

Within hours of it appearing in our display case, word had spread that there was something very special to stop by and see. That we were able to involve woodworking students in the early stages of the project (they excitedly sawed the spines off of the old books) was just another way the project caught the eye of others!  

In another example of borrowing an idea, East’s book bundles were inspired by our fine brethren at the Lincoln City Libraries. It’s a simple idea, really.  First,  we generate genre and other keyword themes and then we pull books that fit within those themes and bundle them together.  

By the time school is almost out for the year, East staff begin coming into the library to check out their summer book bundles. Our interactions have an almost holiday feel, as folks peruse the piles, grab up bundles and talk excitedly about all the books they’re going to read over the summer.

Even physical elements of the East High library represent the wisdom of others.  Inspired by the inviting living room feel of Lincoln High’s library, we decided to begin adding handsome, comfortable seating this year. 

Students have loved spending time in the casual seating area we’ve created and we can’t wait to add more upholstered furnishings in the future.  Another physical addition to the East library was inspired by the Ross Theatre’s Art-o-Rama vending machine.  East’s knock-off version soon will be filled with student-created projects that patrons can buy.  We think this exciting addition will inspire lots of folks to jump on the “creativity” wagon.  

Whether it’s something to look at, something to read, something to relax on or something to share, the products and programs in the East High library may have their roots somewhere else, but they also support our goal of meeting people where they are and encouraging them to grow.

Published: December 29, 2016, Updated: December 29, 2016