Learning continues for LPS as network services restored

Over the weekend, Lincoln Public Schools computing services staff discovered a disruption to school district network services such as email, website and other applications used by staff, students and families. 

“Because of the seriousness of the issue, our staff has worked tirelessly throughout the past 48 hours to get our systems back online as soon as possible,” said Kirk Langer, LPS chief technology officer. “I’m proud of how quickly our staff have responded to this issue and the dedication they have put toward restoring our systems for our staff, students and families.”

Services are gradually being restored throughout the day on Monday, July 8. The school district is providing consistent updates for staff, students and families on LPS social media accounts and its website. 

LPS was able to continue with summer school classes Monday, and quality teaching and learning continue to take place across the school district.

This past weekend, LPS computing services staff discovered the disruption was related to an update to the storage infrastructure and immediately began working with engineering staff from our vendor partner. 

For updates on service restoration, go to www.lps.org.

Published: July 8, 2019, Updated: July 8, 2019