Lincoln Public Schools sees improvement in AQuESTT classifications

The updated AQuESTT (Accountability for a Quality Education System, Today and Tomorrow) classifications released Nov. 27 by the Nebraska Department of Education show for the first time that no schools within Lincoln Public Schools remained on the “Needs Improvement” list. The updated classifications were released after the completion of the evidence-based analysis period.

“We are extremely proud of the hard work exhibited by our students, staff and administration,” said Matt Larson, associate superintendent for instruction. “This indicates that the strategies and practices put into place are moving us in the right direction.”

In early October, the Nebraska Department of Education provides a classification for all Nebraska school districts and schools: Excellent, Great, Good or Needs Improvement. After the classification is released, schools have an opportunity to submit documentation for review that demonstrates continuous improvement efforts. 

After the review, 16 schools increased their classification. Schools receiving an increase in classification: Arnold, Calvert, Clinton, Elliott, Everett, Fredstrom, Hartley, Huntington, Kahoa, McPhee, Norwood Park, Pershing and West Lincoln elementary schools; and Lincoln High, and North Star and Northeast high schools.

Larson added, “There are still challenges that remain and we will continue to work with staff to address areas of concern, ensuring that every student at Lincoln Public Schools is college, career and civic ready.” 

Visit the Nebraska Department of Education’s website to view Lincoln Public Schools’ Nebraska Education Profile.


Published: November 27, 2019, Updated: November 27, 2019