Inspire Award Spotlight: Jones Koffa, Brownell Elementary

This is the fourth in a series of four videos, recorded pre-COVID-19, that feature winners of the Inspire Award from the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools.

Staff and students at Brownell Elementary School have a nickname for custodian Jones Koffa: “Super Jones.”

“The Brownell family, they are very welcoming,” said Koffa, who moved to Nebraska from Liberia in 2014. “But I just do my job.”

He does more than that. A Brownell staff member had this to say about Koffa: “Students adore Jones because he takes time to get to know them. He checks in with them, helps and supports them. No matter the job, Jones maintains a positive outlook. He is smart and eager to learn. We are all inspired by Jones who has a tenacious spirit, hard work ethic and optimistic outlook on life.”

Koffa is the 2020 Inspire Award student winner from Brownell. The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools annually honors students and staff from across LPS, as well as one Inspire School award winner. Award recipients are identified by principals from every school, with the focus on selecting an individual who has made a special contribution to the school and the school community. These individuals regularly go above and beyond, take initiative and are a positive inspiration to others. 

Watch the following video to learn more about Koffa and what makes him such an inspiration.

Published: July 7, 2020, Updated: July 7, 2020