Beattie students add personal touch to face coverings

Wearing a face covering has become ubiquitous with daily life. Thanks to Holly Group-Weber, Beattie Elementary School students now wear face coverings that are anything but common.

Prior to winter break, the Beattie art teacher had students customize plain white face coverings they could wear to school. Students decorated them with everything from rainbows to American flags to dogs. Some students added inspirational phrases, such as “The future is bright,” “It’ll all okay,” and “Better together.”

Students all wore their personalized face coverages on the last day of first semester, but Group-Weber said students still love wearing them to school.

“I notice that every day I have a student walk into art class wearing their art mask with tons of pride,” she said. “It makes me so happy to see them wear their masks.”

The project also allowed Group-Weber to integrate science into art by discussing the “why?” behind wearing face coverings. 

“Part of our art curriculum is to find connections to real human experiences,” she said, “to explore these in visual ways. I have always been an art teacher that makes projects meaningful and connects them to our community.” 

Beattie posted photos of the students wearing their face coverings on the school’s Facebook page. The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools provided the face coverings.

Published: February 1, 2021, Updated: February 3, 2021