Community Awareness Series: Promoting Healthy Behaviors - The Impact of Marijuana Use on Our Youth

Our youth are our future’s greatest asset. Schools, parents, caregivers and communities all play a role in providing supportive pathways for our youth as they navigate childhood and adolescence. Lincoln Public Schools is partnering with School Community Intervention and Prevention (SCIP) and Region V Systems to put on valuable presentations about how to support the health and well-being of our community’s youth.

Please join us for our first event:

“But It’s Just Marijuana Isn’t It?”: The Impact of Marijuana Use on Our Youth
October 21, 2021 from
6:30 – 8 p.m.
Schoo Middle School (Media Center) - 700 Penrose Dr., Lincoln

Research shows that families and influential adults play the most important role in preventing youth substance use. Marijuana continues to be one of the most prevalent substances of abuse amongst our youth. Perception data tells us that the number of young people who believe marijuana use is risky is decreasing. With the legalization of marijuana in most states, our youth have received mixed messages from society that has led to misconceptions over the harm that marijuana has on developing adolescents. Officer Andre O’Conner, a Licensed Drug Recognition Expert with the Lincoln Police Department and previous School Resource Officer, will discuss the following:

  • Marijuana and the various effects it has on adolescents
  • How marijuana has evolved over the years
  • The signs and symptoms of marijuana use
  • The difference between a nicotine vape pen and a marijuana concentrate pen
  • Street drug names and emojis used to communicate about marijuana use and distribution
  • Various stash compartments used to hide marijuana and/or paraphernalia

Please contact Abbe Edgecombe, SCIP Coordinator for Lincoln-Lancaster County, for questions or additional information at 402-327-6841 or

Published: October 1, 2021, Updated: October 4, 2021