Students to cast ballots Nov. 2 for Student Vote 2022

Lincoln Public Schools students will get an immersive civics lesson on Nov. 2 when they participate in Student Vote 2022. 

Since 1992, Student Vote is a Lincoln tradition allowing students in grades 4 - 12 to participate in a mock election every two years before the statewide general election. Students also get the opportunity to see election results throughout the school district and city of Lincoln. 

“Student Vote is an opportunity for students to be actively engaged in an important part of the democratic process. Through events like Student Vote, students gain knowledge and an appreciation for the voting process,” K - 12 Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Jaci Kellison said. 

Each school organizes its own Student Vote experience, but with the same educational takeaways depending on grade level. For elementary students, lessons are centered around the importance of voting and the voting process. They learn about the type of elected positions and issues that appear on ballots, voting rights and ways to vote and participate in the election process. Middle and high school students learn about ways to become informed voters and how to stay actively engaged in the process. 

“Civics education is not something that is contained to one lesson, unit or class,” Kellison added. 

Families can prepare their students for Student Vote and reinforce these lessons by modeling elements of a healthy democracy. Those lessons include engaging in respectful civil discourse and responsible information gathering from reliable sources.  

Student ambassadors also help organize the event and raise awareness among their peers. This year’s LPS student ambassadors are North Star High School junior Mikey Pitts and East High sophomore Gabriel Buggi.

“I think it is really cool and important to teach students the importance of voting before they can actually vote,” Buggi said.

Below is a copy of the sample Student Vote Ballot:

Check out these video resources shared in our classrooms ahead of Student Vote 2022.

Published: October 28, 2022, Updated: October 28, 2022

Student Vote 2022 is Nov. 2.