Next-level physical education at Randolph

Randolph Elementary students took physical education to new heights last month. 

The students participated in the global “Stack Up” cup stacking challenge in their PE classes over a three-day span. They joined more than 650,000 cup stackers worldwide to set a new world record.   

“This is a great way to engage both sides of the brain,” Randolph PE teacher Mallory Nutt said.  “We're using both our right hand and left hands. It’s a great way to emphasize movement.” 

Students worked on hand and eye coordination by learning various cup stacking sequences. They tested their new skills by competing against their classmates in a tournament. The races also taught another crucial lesson – sportsmanship. 

“I liked this lesson because I got to cheer on my teammates and have fun,” Randolph Fourth Grade Student  Oakley said.

“I felt like they wanted me to win really bad, and they were cheering so I could win and that made me confident,” classmate Sami added. 

The “Stack Up” challenge has quickly become a tradition at Randolph. This is the sixth year Randolph has joined. Nutt said this is one of her favorite lessons to teach her students. She hopes her classes learn the importance of lifelong fitness while learning a new way to move. 

“They’re going to need to be active for the rest of their lives to stay healthy. We talk about their heart health. This is just a different way to catch some lifelong movers,” Nutt said. 

According to the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA), nearly 740,000 stackers and more than 2,300 schools and organizations participated this year. Participants did help set a new record – breaking the previous one by almost 100,000 more stackers. 

Check out some highlights from Randolph’s “Stack Up” challenge below

Published: December 2, 2022, Updated: December 2, 2022

Randolph fourth grade students competing in the 2022 Stack Up challenge.