Serving smiles at Wysong

The Wysong kitchen staff does more than dish up meals daily for their students.

The crew also serves hearty helpings of positivity and kindness. 

“It makes my day to see them come through the line,”  Wysong kitchen manager Lorrie Davis said. 

“I just love it because it’s their favorite time of the day and they come to lunch, they’re excited, they’re hungry. It feels like I’m in a mother role and I look at the kids like they're my own. It’s just fun to see their faces,” Wysong kitchen staff member Lindsey Kowalke said. 

The staff’s friendly demeanor doesn’t go unnoticed. Several students appreciate their uplifting and caring spirits. Many describe them as funny, sweet and charming. 

“It’s nice because you know that people care about you and they’re excited to feed you and take care of you,” Wysong fifth-grade student Adi said. 

“It makes me feel good because I know there are people who are positive and it helps me be positive,” fellow fifth-grader Baylor added. 

The Wysong kitchen staff feeds close to 500 students every day. Each worker commits to connecting and bonding with each and every student.  Building relationships with students is one of Wysong’s values. Its principal said the crew personifies that. 

“I'm extremely grateful for their energy and love they give all students every day,” Wysong Principal Stephanie Drake said. 


We are thankful for our nutrition services workers at Wysong and across Lincoln Public Schools who dedicate themselves to warming bellies and hearts every school day. 


Published: February 8, 2023, Updated: February 8, 2023

Wysong kitchen staff helping students during lunch.