2023 African American Read-In: celebrating culture through the arts

Lincoln Public Schools partnered with Lincoln City Libraries to host the annual African American Read-In event on Feb. 7.

The experience featured LPS students, staff and community members illustrating African Americans' rich history and contributions to literature, arts, and music and the role it has and continues to play in shaping the world we live in. 

“The library plays an important role in providing access to the richness of ideas, talents, and literary and artistic influences of African Americans—both historical and contemporary—and what better way than to team up with our schools and students,” Lincoln City Libraries Director Ryan Wieber said.

“Through black literature, music, and reflection, you repeatedly see illustrations of the dignity, talents, and gifts we possess not just in the struggle but how it pushes us to persevere and is often the catalyst for hope,” Peter Ferguson said. Ferguson is the coordinator of Culture, Inclusion, and Scholar Development and assistant supervisor of Recruiting. 

During the week and throughout the month of February, the Lincoln Public Schools District Scholar Equity Cadre will facilitate Lincoln City Library Storytimes at select local branches and LPS preschool classes. These experiences will include an interactive half-hour of books and activities supporting early literacy by offering vocabulary development, experiences with a wide variety of literature, and participation in language-related activities. 

Look at some highlights from this year's event:

Published: February 17, 2023, Updated: February 17, 2023

LPS and Lincoln City Libraries host annual African American Read In.