Scott works to build more friendships with new unified classes

Scott Middle School kicked off the spring semester with a new class. The school introduced Unified Physical Education (P.E.) for its students. The class pairs students with disabilities and their peers together.

“I love unified P.E. because I get to do fun things,” Scott seventh-grade student Jace said. 

Students participate in various adaptive activities focusing on gross motor skills. Eighth-grade student Owen enrolled in the course because he enjoys interacting with new people and learning about them better. A bonus is he gets to spend time with his twin brother Talon during class. 

“It is important so people with different abilities can recognize more familiar faces. They can also feel more included in the environment they're in,” Owen said.

“I love seeing all my friends in P.E.,” Jace added. 

Scott launched its unified classes earlier this year with music. Staff wanted to create a more inclusive school community and thought adding these classes would help. 

“We saw a need for our life skills students to develop more and stronger relationships with their peers,” Scott special education teacher Cat Kazas said. 

“It builds a stronger foundation on equality and inclusivity around the entire school,” Owen added.

Unified activities in middle school allow students to get involved early and build connections before participating in them in high school. Scott hopes to continue these classes and extend these friendships beyond its walls. 

“We feel that these friendships are true and will continue to grow in high school. With the addition of unified activities and sports, these friendships will continue to grow,” Scott P.E. teacher Taylor Zilig said. 

Check out highlights from Scott’s Unified P.E. class below.

Published: May 17, 2023, Updated: June 6, 2023

Scott students participate in a bowling activity during unified P.E.