Huntington helping student leaders to “soar”

 Huntington Elementary School revamped its student council this year. 

The school launched the “Soaring Eagles” club to develop leaders.  The club is open to fourth and fifth grade students exhibiting strong and positive role model qualities. 

“We help other students and teachers and make our school feel like a better and safer place,” Huntington fifth-grade student Izabella said.

“Our goal for Soaring Eagle members is that they can soar above the expectations and lead others to be successful,” Huntington teacher and club organizer Talisha Yound said.

The club meets weekly during the school year, and members structure their leadership activities around school events like Red Ribbon Week. They also provide staff with after-school fuel with yummy treats during appreciation days.

“We got to make the school a better place and this is the first year of having this,” fifth-grade student Brynlee said.

“It just feels great. It feels amazing. I love it,” Izabella added.

The Soaring Eagles have also focused on designing a brochure welcoming others to Huntington, school tours, cleaning the school grounds and standing up to bullying. 

Staff organizers hope the club members gain a greater understanding of who they are and their impact on the Eagle community. 

“Our hope is that all students feel like they are making a difference in their community. We hope all students have the confidence to be a leader,” Yound said. 

This past year’s group was small with seven members but hope to grow the council to 20 students in the future. 

Published: June 5, 2023, Updated: June 8, 2023

Huntington Soaring Eagles showed appreciation to the educators in their building by passing out some after-school treats.