Northeast High School’s library renovation is complete

Northeast High School’s library transformed over the 2022 - 2023 school year. 

“It's really new and modern-ish to me. And so, honestly, when I come here to work on my studies after school and stuff, it's actually pretty peaceful,” Northeast ninth-grade student Richard said. 

“The new space is warm and welcoming and students enjoy hanging out, doing their work and visiting with friends,” Northeast Principal Keri Applebee said. 

Lincoln Public Schools updated the space with a more open and collaborative design. LPS wanted to create an active, vibrant learning space welcoming Rockets to engage and learn together. 

“The library was more individually focused, and now you can have big groups of people in here working together as a class. So, it works a lot better for the school,” Northeast junior Hannah said.

“We did indeed have a specific vision for the Northeast library,” LPS Director of Library Services Chris Haeffner said. 

The new space is also more accommodating to the school’s new  Early College and Career STEM program, better known as FEWSS.  The modernized library allows the focus program more chances to do interactive activities and invite industry professionals as guest speakers. The program’s coordinator, Bailey Feit, said the changes were important to support our changing workforce best.

“Through this program and utilizing the space, we can assure students are aware of the tremendous amount of careers available to them connected to Food, Energy, Water, and Societal Systems,” Feit said. “These careers are high quality and accessible to students, which provides them motivation to focus on school with clear career goals.” 

The updated media center also opens doors to other exploration and growth opportunities for current and future Rockets. Students can now enjoy a new broadcast media lab, which was added during the project. The lab comes equipped with high-quality cameras and recording equipment to do live broadcasts, podcasts and videos. 

“This renovation is just one amazing example of how much LPS cares about kids! They saw a need and made it happen,” Applebee said.

Check out the Northeast's library renovations below. 

Published: June 7, 2023, Updated: June 7, 2023

Northeast High School updates its library during the 2022 - 2023 school year.