Robotics sparks learning for Lux students

Lux Middle School seventh-grade students are bringing computer science to life through robotics. 

The students recently received a new classroom tool – Edison robots. The devices use sound, light and barcode reading to support STEM learning. They also program the robots by using computer coding. 

“It allows me to see physical representations of what's being done,” Lux seventh-grade student Kellen said.

“Using hands-on activities such as the devices provided by Lincoln Public Schools shows the innate joy of hands-on learning,” Lux computer science teacher Lori Feldman said. 

Lincoln Public Schools' secondary computer science curriculum allows students to create in various technical environments and languages. The lessons allow scholars to learn the logic behind computer programs and the skills to create simple programs independently. They strive to help students think critically and problem-solve. 

“Students learn to be comfortable with having errors and working through the problem solving process. This is an essential life skill for all aspects of daily life,” Feldman added. 

“Some basic coding skills are better than none because it makes it easier to learn in the future,” Lux seventh-grade student Malachai said. 

The lessons build from computer science fundamentals that LPS students learn starting in kindergarten. The middle school students mentioned that continuous lessons aid in growing their coding knowledge base. 

“I feel that they add on more to each lesson. So as you progress, you get to learn more things and try out different situations,” fellow seventh grade student Joy-Elizabeth said. “Because at first you usually start out completely online on a computer, but then eventually you start going further and branching off to other ideas.”

The lessons in robotics and computer coding also help spark the students' curiosity to explore the field outside of the classroom and beyond. 

“It influenced me to do outside of class things that involve coding. I have already signed up for summer coding classes,” Malachai said. 

“I feel like computer science gives you a little bit of a scope on what you can do in the future,” Joy-Elizabeth added. 

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Published: June 7, 2023, Updated: June 7, 2023

Lux seventh grade students explore computer coding with their new Edison robots.