Pathfinder administrator Randy Farmer announces retirement

Each year, school and district administrators who plan to retire or change positions at the end of the school year announce their intentions in January. Lincoln Public Schools would like to congratulate Randy Farmer, Pathfinder Supervisor, on his upcoming retirement effective June 30, 2024, and thank him for his years of dedicated service to our students and families.

Farmer began his educational career 34 years ago as a substitute teacher in Papillion in January 1990, and then as a teacher at Rivendell Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital in Seward that summer. He joined Lincoln Public Schools in January 1991, at the Behavioral Skills Program in the Old Whitehall building. In the summer of 1992, Farmer and his wife Sarah moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania where he worked at the Milton Hershey School until they returned to Lincoln in 2002. Farmer served as a teacher at the Pathfinder program for four years before becoming the administrator in 2006.

The Pathfinder program is an LPS program within the Lancaster County Youth Services Center serving students in grades 7-12. Students may be in the program for anywhere between a couple weeks to multiple months as they await decisions by the court. Students rotate from class to class, taught by LPS teachers, and mainly focus on courses they need to earn credits toward graduation - math, science, language arts. The curriculum is based upon a foundation of online courses provided by LPS. Individual accommodations for any unique student needs such as Special Education, English Language, behavioral and mental health and gifted services. The program also offers GED preparation support and career exploration assistance.

Congratulations to Mr. Farmer on his upcoming retirement!

Published: January 23, 2024, Updated: January 23, 2024