2021-22 PROPOSED LPS Safe Return to Schools Feedback Analysis

Summer 2021

The public had an opportunity to provide feedback from July 1 – 9, 2021 on the 2021-22 LPS Safe Return to Schools Plan released on July 1, 2021. We received 1,036 responses.

An analysis of the feedback was conducted and the responses were coded into three categories.

  • Agreement with the plan
    • Support for the plan
    • Expressions of thanks for the plan and the hard work of LPS staff
  • Requests for more restrictive safety measures:
    • Require masks for everyone
    • Require masks for students under 12 and staff who work with them
    • Require masks for unvaccinated students and staff
    • Require proof of vaccination for employees and/or students
    • Require vaccine records
    • Implement more distancing and/or lunch dividers
    • Close drinking fountains (with access only to fill bottles)
    • More stringent or frequent cleaning
  • Requests for less restrictive safety measures:
    • Strongly recommended masks for staff (rather than requiring them)
    • Stop recommending vaccines
    • Don’t require vaccine records
    • Make masks completely optional for students and staff
    • No masks for anyone
    • Don’t require masks for students and staff who had Covid
    • Remove distancing requirements
    • Relax quarantine rules (e.g., all students should be able to attend school even with close exposure)
    • Reduce use of sanitizer/bleach
    • Eliminate plastic shields
    • Remove limitations on recess (e.g., who can play with whom)
    • Allow field trips
    • Allow volunteers in schools without masks
    • Get “back to normal

Analysis of Public Feedback on the PROPOSED 2021-22 Safe Return to School Plan

Collected July 1 – 9, 2021



Agreement with the plan


Requests for more restrictive safety measures


Requests for less restrictive safety measures


Total Relevant Responses