Internet Service Providers in Lincoln

There are a number of internet service providers in Lincoln. The three providers that contacted Lincoln Public Schools to apprise us of special offers or considerations for families of Lincoln Public Schools students include: Allo Communications – Imperial, NE, Spectrum – Stamford, CT, and Windstream – Little Rock, AR. The offer of each is summarized below:

Allo Communications

Installation Fee: $0
Special Offer: First two months free
Contract: No
Connection Speed: 50/50 mbps
Monthly Cost: $10 *

*Monthly cost of $10 after the first 60-days is contingent upon enrollment in the Allo Community Connect Program which is based upon Federal Lifeline Program eligibility.  For questions and to arrange for service please call 402-480-6550.


Installation Fee: Waived with eligibility **
Special Offers: First two months free **, Spectrum has opened it’s wi-fi spots to public use.
Contract: Yes: 12-months after the term of free service.
Connection Speed: 30 mbps/1 gbps
Monthly Cost: $17.99 ***

** Free broadband through at least the end of May to all K-12 and College students, along with teachers who do not have connectivity with Spectrum today up to 100M. Installation will be waived. To enroll call 844-488-8395

*** For eligible low-income households, Charter offers Spectrum Internet Assist.

Windstream Kinetic

Installation Fee: Waived with eligibility *
Special Offer: First two months free
Contract: No
Connection Speed: Varies
Monthly Cost: $19.99 **** (for 12 months)

**** This offer does not apply to current Windstream Kinetic subscribers. First two months free and Waiver of activation fee contingent on eligibility for the Federal Lifeline Program. For questions or to arrange service please call 402-436-4500.