Thank You Lincoln!

Thank You Lincoln!

Our school district is growing in numbers and in academic achievement - success that happens when a community stands behind schools and supports public education. As we reflect upon those who advocate for LPS, we offer a Valentine - a thank you card - to our community to express gratitude for its affirmation and support of our public school district.

LPS Annual Report

We offer a special issue of the LPS Annual Report – a publication required by the Nebraska Department of Education – published and distributed annually to update citizens about the school district’s academics, demographics, finances and goals. This year we feature the full text of the new LPS Strategic Plan, approved by the Lincoln Board of Education in December, 2017.

Superintendent’s State of the Schools Report

Superintendent Steve Joel presents his first State of the Schools Report, a moment for updating our community about the highlights and challenges of public education in Lincoln, as well as recognizing the community for its generous support of public schools.